AFM 2012 – DAY 1

Doesn’t look that overcast in the photo but for LA this is pretty dark.

Woke up today to an overcast day in good ole sunny California. Of course I am not going to let that, or the fact that I have no coffee on hand get me down.

The market on the first day is bustling. There are badges of all different colours walking around, more green badges (buyers) in one day than I saw the entire last time I was here! A hive of activity that is for sure!

The first thing we did on the first day at the market was collect all the trade magazines. This will be a good way to research the companies that we want to approach from what they are selling and the information in them is always invaluable – especially when they are free! Was nice to see the NZFC advertisement in the Hollywood Reporter.

After a quick, and daunting, look around we decided to head to a film screening – since these are also free. Everyone was really busy in meetings, and on the first day they wouldn’t appreciate being hit up by small time people such as us, have to follow protocol.

Saw the New Zealand film ‘Fresh Meat’ and was pleasantly surprised. If you want to see a comedy horror with lesbians and gore that doesn’t take itself too seriously this is the one. It was really good.

After seeing an awesome kiwi film a quick pop into the NZFC booth seemed like a good idea. Had a lovely chat to Jasmin, got a few good pointers and a confirmation that our approach to the market was sound.

Following that a quick trip out to the sunny deck by the pool to scope out what was happening, followed by a ciggie out front and a discussion with filmmakers from Houston on how to approach the market. Then went into a seminar on how to work the AFM, which we also attended last time we were over. It really isn’t necessary to attend this twice, but if its your first time it is definitely recommended as the speaker Jonathan King is really good. It was very oversubscribed though so best to book in early.

The few tidbits that I gained from that are you need a strong sales person on your team, sales people are the ones to ask about securing meetings, Christopher Lloyd is in alot of movies of varying budgets, presales are definitely back on the cards (they are expecting 1/2 a billion in presales to happen at this market) and the best way to approach exhibitors is to call first (although some of the exhibitors say to just drop in so I guess its up to you).

After another lovely dinner (I will need to exercise alot when I get back) I am back at the apartment and about to begin reading through all the trades and make a plan for tomorrow. Still got more work to on the pitches and plenty of companies to research – no rest for the wicked, especially on Halloween!

Photos will come tomorrow, was too distracted today by the spectacle, but that will have gone tomorrow (hopefully).


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