AFM – Day 2

The view off the back deck of the conference venue, the Loews hotel, in Santa Monica

The day started off overcast again today but by midday boy was it warm. Started a bit late today as it was the last day we didn’t have anything on early in the morning. Had a meeting confirmed last night and woke up to find I got a good grade for my marketing paper so it was a good start all round!

Started off by wandering around the market place. Lots of booths, 7 floors of a hotel, all the rooms filled with distributors and sales agents flaunting their wares. Some of the posters are interesting – Sharknado caught the eye.


The lobby from above.

Whilst wandering round got pulled into a couple of offices to show off what I had. Practice makes perfect, and I could definitely benefit from a little more – luckily there is a pitch seminar on Saturday so that should help.

So far having an interesting outfit has helped. Walking round by yourself also makes you more approachable. Other good tips include carrying your flyers in a clear sleeve in front of you so people can see them and ask about them. Also having a picture on your business card opens up the ability to pitch your film.

A second walk around brought about many comments on the ‘Crackheads’ posters that I am carrying. Mainly from

A very blurry pic of a market stall (hotel room).

other filmmakers, but it is good to see that there is interest out there. I also had a lovely poolside chat with another producer whilst taking in the sun outside. Great way to spend an afternoon.

Special thanks has to go out to the NZFC for the drinks that they held. Had a great time and met some awesome people! Got a conference, a screening, a meeting and drinks tomorrow so time to go to bed and get to sleep.


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