AFM 2012 – DAY 3 and 4

An early start to the 3rd day with the film financing conference. Was really good to hear that financing is picking up and presales are once again available for independent film after the dark days 2008-2010. The panelists really knew their stuff, but were mainly talking about films with budgets around the 15-25 million mark, which may be a little bit higher than my next film. Here is the link to a much better summary of the conference:

After the conference finished went to see another kiwi film currently in release ‘How to meet girls from a distance.’ For a $100,000 film I think they did pretty well.

Following on from that went to my favourite hang out space, the directors lounge in the Le Merigot hotel next door to the main market space. The people on the door there know me well as I am in and out a number of times a day to check emails, sit down, relax and prepare for the next stretch at the market.

Met a company looking for content whilst sitting in the directors lounge as well as a few interesting people while outside. Met another company whilst standing in line for a coffee, so it really goes to show that being there is everything.

The other thing that has become glaringly obvious by this point is the difference in the market between 2010 and today. When we were over in 2010 the market seemed to be completely different. There were less companies looking for product and they were definitely not interested in smaller products. This could be attributed to a number of factors, the end of the dark days as mentioned in the article above, the fact we are here earlier in the market this time around and the increasing VOD marketplace.

By the late afternoon I was really starting to love the environment. All the people, the companies, pitching, its an addictive environment and I am really enjoying just being a part of it. It already feels like a huge success just to be here.

Had a pitch meeting which went fairly well and then headed over to another hotel for the AFM happy hour. Ended up in a beautiful penthouse bar for a few drinks, as we had arrived too early, where we ended up talking to a couple of locals. Down at the happy hour we met up with a group of Australian filmmakers and a Canadain. Ended up going out for drinks and it turned out to be a reasonably messy night, at least for us kiwis.

Unfortunately that meant that we were a bit under the weather on the Saturday and spent most of the day researching and emailing instead of traveling into the market. Saw a college football game which was really cool (the cheerleaders were awesome).

Getting ourselves prepared now for another day at the market tomorrow.


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