Arriving in Austin and Day 1 AFF


The trip to Austin was obviously long. I was lucky that my flight to LA was mostly empty so I had a row to myself and the stopover in LA felt really short. By the time I arrived in Austin though I was still exhausted. Waking up in Austin to beautiful weather was amazing. Austin, like Auckland, is incredibly spread out so you can’t walk everywhere. Have yet to try the public transport but the taxis are cheaper than Auckland.

It was the day before the festival started so Tim (director of Crackheads) and I knew that we had to start getting out and marketing our film and making a plan for the festival – all while also sorting out the NZ premiere of the film.


 Once we eventually made our way into downtown (hailing a cab in the suburbs is difficult and if you keep wa ndering into shops you will keep missing buses), we went to the Driskill Hotel for registration for the festival.

Once we picked up all of our materials and badge see meet our incredibly awesome liaison Tammy who agreed to drive us around so we could poster the town. First stop was the University of Texas. Let me just say that place is beautiful. Beautiful and HUGE. It was crazy. We walked down the street taping posters to lamp posts and putting posters on the notice boards. The crowds were crazy. It almost felt like most of Auckland Uni’s students put into one street at the same time and that was just one street in the University (yes the uni has it’s own streets).


We then went to the two theaters we will be screening at. Firstly the Alamo Drafthouse Village. Honestly if you haven’t been to one of these cinemas you want to. It is literally amazing. The staff are awesome, they have many craft beers on tap. The cinema set up is also incredible. Honestly cannot wait to screen there!

The State Theatre was closed but still looked pretty cool.

20131025-095238.jpgAfter going home to do a bit of work and get change we headed out to Sixth Street to have a bit of fun armed with more posters and fliers. We had a blast. They are not kidding about the live music scene in Austin! There is a lot of it and it caters to everyone’s tastes. And this was on a Wednesday night!

After a bit of a late start we arrived at the first day of the festival/conference to take a look. Popped into one panel – interesting but not too relevant for us kiwis. Looking forward to some of the others.

About to continue posturing the town…


And then it’s on to the festival parties…. More updates soon!


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