AFF – First night parties, Day 2 and the Premiere

20131024_225833So the parties were crazy. Met so many cool filmmakers and had so much fun handing out flyers and consuming much free alcohol. We put up more posters and handed out more flyers in between the parties (one filmmaker in the morning commented that you couldn’t go into any store around the festival venues without seeing Crackheads so I think we achieved postering the town). The second party ended up with a massive cue right around the block and was pretty amazing also (as was the pedicab ride there ‘transpertainment’ great word).

While out that night India beer and tequila infused haze we decided to take on a crazy mission for the morning…

20131025_120632So first thing in the morning – after doing our best to dismiss the fuzz we were feeling – we decided to mission out to trouble maker studios. The place is no different from any other studio including our own, gates, security and not a hell of a lot visible to the public apart from many cars and large buildings. The security guard took pity on us Crazy kiwis and called his boss to get permission to take our tickets and flyers for our film – his boss works directly with Robert so we got as close as we could, mission accomplished. It was also an incredible drive out there getting so see a completely different part of Austin.

After that we popped along to a panel session on DIY distribution. The key things that I learnt from that – these days you need to stay on board your films longer, you need to build your own audiences and it is all a lot of work. Okay not terribly exciting or anything new, but there were a number of interesting platforms and things mentioned that I will talk about once I have had a chance to check them all out.

20131027_202112Next came my guilty pleasure for the conference – A script to screen session on Donnie Darko with writer/director Richard Kelly. That was incredible and the nerd part of me was incredibly happy at that point.

The Texas BBQ part was incredibly busy. Finally ran into a group of kiwis there who are there with their film ‘Blood Punch’ – made in the US but so many kiwis involved! Hopefully we will catch their screening later today. The food was good, the beer was free but after a couple of hours (and when the beer ran out) we decided it was time to move on and prepare for the reason we were there…

20131025_205630Crackheads US premiere was amazing! We had a cue around the block and this is even though we had strong competition from festival tent poll Big Sur and parties (where badge holders drink for free). The staff at the festival were all amazing. The event was simply spectacular!


Just like any other self-respecting kiwi we decided to celebrate by going out drinking. Unfortunately we learnt at what felt like the middle of the party that the bars close at 2am (which was probably the best thing really). Now on to another day!



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