AFF Continues – Days 3, 4 and 5

20131026_020643Having had an awesome night celebrating the first screening of Crackheads on the Friday we were looking forward to another day at the festival, which included the awards luncheon, Tim’s panel, a talk from Robert Rodriguez, a packaging seminar and the screening of a film filled with kiwi talent. Another jam packed and interesting day…

Tim attended the awards luncheon where sadly we didn’t win our category, but our friends Christopher and Ruth won best documentary for Political Bodies, a film we


are eagerly awaiting the second screening for. I sadly missed out on the financing seminar as the lines for the conference increased drastically on the Saturday as weekend badge holders all arrived to join the festivities.

Tim’s panel was next (for which I was sure I was first in line). He was part of the ‘Large Visions on a small budget’. The other panelists were all US based and had impressive credits like writer of 500 days of Summer and writer/director of Felon. It was interesting as noone in the audience was from outside of the US so our experiences are quite different. Tim certainly held his own though. Unfortunately I had to leave before the end of the panel to secure us a place in line for the Robert Rodriguez seminar.

20131029-201750.jpgThere is no doubt that Robert is an inspiration, his ethos, just do it attitude and commitment to show others that they can do it too is incredibly powerful. Hearing speak in person was amazing and really reinforced the idea that if you want to do something you should just do it.

After the inspirational panel I managed to get the photo you see here (yay) and then we went on to the panel about film packaging. There wasn’t a lot mentioned that I hadn’t heard before, just a reiteration that stars are all important to international sales and money and stars are like a chicken and egg scenario, no one really knows which one should come first.


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