Red Tree Creative is a fledgling film company made up of two friends and collaborators Andrew Cooper and Nicola Peeperkoorn.

The two first came together for Nicola’s childhood feature film (ok she was 23) “The Richmond Family Massacre”. Andrew does not seem to know much about film, and can’t remember the name of a single actor, even his favourite ones. Surprisingly he seems to have some talent at writing and directing. As a day job he does marketing or something and apparently has a couple of degrees that we can’t recall (maybe philosophy?). We love him though because he usually brings the beer and knows lots of dirty jokes.

Nicola is the kind of girl that you would ask to your party. Every time. I mean, the girl likes to party and you need someone to organise it right? We love that she is better than anyone we have ever met at making stuff happen. Producing. Nicola also just won an award at the New Zealand Film Awards (The Moa’s?) for co-producer of the best self-funded film ‘Crackheads’. She is maybe the most dedicated girl that this writer has ever seen when it comes to film.

Having won Tropfest NZ in 2014 Red Tree is currently writing their newest, filthiest, yet feminist (honest) feature “Sex With an Alien”.

Nicola Pic

Nicola Peeperkoorn

Nicola Jayne Peeperkoorn (pronounced peppercorn) was born and raised in the City of Sails – Auckland, New Zealand. Her first script, a vampire romance epic, stalled during pre-production – which she blames upon being 12 in a time before Twilight, when video cameras were scarce. After several attempts she completed her first short film at 16 – ‘On the Way Down’,  an unflinching look at teenage drug abuse.

In 2004 she attended film school completing a Double Major in Production and Drama Directing/Screen Writing. Since graduating, she has worked on a number of productions in the Auckland film and television industry, largely in the accounts department. Her recent credits include 2nd Assistant Account on Season 1 of Ash vs the Evil Dead, and Accounts Assistant on Hunt for the Wilderpeople. In 2016 she will be diving into the world of television production at Notable Pictures.

Nicola has produced over 20 low budget short films. This led to her receiving New Zealand Film Commission Premiere Shorts financing in 2014 for the short film ‘Restoration’ – which Premiered at Palm Springs International Shortsfest in 2015. Nicola was lucky enough to attend. Since then it has played in fantasy festivals all over the world, and still continues to play. She also regularly writes and directs with business partner Andrew Cooper. Their most recent completed short film ‘Meet Hamish’ has just been announced as a finalist for Tropfest 2016. Their previous entry ‘Help’ won Best Film, Best Actor and the Audience Award at Tropfest New Zealand in 2014, got Andrew and Nicola a Best Director award at Hollywood Shortsfest and is still screening in festivals internationally.

She started Producing features in 2008 when she embarked on her ambitious first feature, ‘The Richmond Family Massacre’. Then in 2012 she joined the team of independent feature ‘Crackheads’ as a co-producer. Crackheads played several international festivals including Austin Film Festival (which Nicola attended) and has won numerous awards including ‘Best Self Funded Feature’ at the New Zealand Film Awards in 2013. Her next feature film ‘Sex With an Alien’, which she intends to direct, is currently in development.

To complement her production work, Nicola recently completed a Diploma in Marketing Communications from Massey University, in Auckland. She has also furthered her knowledge of worldwide sales and marketing by attending the American Film Market four times and was part of its inaugural Producers‘ Forum in 2013.

“Film has always been the driving force behind everything I do. I’ll go to the grave with a film camera in my hand, and you can be sure my funeral will be on time and under budget!”

Andrew CooperAndy_Cooper

Andrew started his creative career as a six-year old writing a novel. Unfortunately (though unsurprisingly) that novel was rubbish and publishers said no. The manuscript has never been found. As a teenager, Andrew was the front man and songwriter for several bands.

He went on to study Philosophy and Psychology at University and after completing studies (and pursuing neither doctrine), took up an opportunity to become the part owner and director of ‘The Hum Audio’. The Hum was a small, boutique recording studio in Auckland, New Zealand that served the TV crowd, a number of bohemian musicians, and several up and coming film-makers. The Hum was the setting for Andrew and Nicola to meet while recording endless ADR for Nicola’s first feature film ‘The Richmond Family Massacre’.

Andrew was responsible for score on The Richmond Family Massicre and it was his love of storytelling, along with an introduction to a short film competition in 2008, that left Andrew with the film flu. From then on, Andrew and Nicola have collaborated on many projects, from short films to corporate assignments, with Andrew often co-writing and directing. Andrew won his first award as the director of the 2014 Tropfest New Zealand winner ‘Help’.

Andrew has 10 years of sales and marketing experience leading large teams and providing strategy for major international corporations.


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