Production – From Application through Delivery and Beyond

Nicola with Tim on the set of Restoration

In this post we explore the aspects generally considered the Producer’s territory. At times I found that most break downs of a shoot covered all the cool fun aspects but never the nitty gritty of how things got made. Because I didn’t just want to generate a ramble for this post I got Aliesha, an upcoming Producer and our Production Assistant on the film to write questions for me that other people in her position would be keen to hear the answers to.  I hope this helps…

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Restoration – A short insight into the nightmare world of Art Department

Lyn Bergquist on Set
Lyn Bergquist on Set

The Art Department is one of those departments that is usually forgotten about on lower budget films. I have worked on many projects that don’t have separate people for the department, or that don’t schedule in things like prep time for sets to be dressed. Of course a lot of this comes down to the time and resources available to you but there is something magical about the art department. They make the impossible possible and visions tangible. We were incredibly lucky for Restoration to have the incredibly experienced Lyn Bergquist as our Production Designer. In this post he delves into, in his own words, ‘the nightmare world of Art Department…’

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Networking – Tips on a Neccessity

2014-12-12 22.05.21If you are anything like me the the idea of going to events for the purpose of talking to strangers can be daunting. The only way to get over this is to do it and to do it often. In these situations I have found that it is better to be shy than arrogant and there are so many amazing people in this industry that you will hardly ever be left alone for long.

In this industry we all tend to work in small groups or alone for a lot of the time, but meeting new people is crucial both in terms of finding crew as well as finding people to help make your projects happen.

If you have a friend to go with who is there for similar reasons it makes things much easier, but even if you don’t these are some of the things I have discovered that have helped me get through the awkwardness over the years.

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Censorship – The ‘M’ Rating and how to get there…

Help Poster Tropfest NZ winner 2014

With the Tropfest deadline coming up in a week it seemed like a good time to go over Censorship in NZ. Tropfest has an ‘M’ rating and if your film doesn’t pass it can be disqualified from the competition. We were lucky enough to have the chance to resubmit our film ‘Help’ after making changes to the film in a day to ensure it came in on the rating, so here are my thoughts on Censorship…

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AFF – First night parties, Day 2 and the Premiere

20131024_225833So the parties were crazy. Met so many cool filmmakers and had so much fun handing out flyers and consuming much free alcohol. We put up more posters and handed out more flyers in between the parties (one filmmaker in the morning commented that you couldn’t go into any store around the festival venues without seeing Crackheads so I think we achieved postering the town). The second party ended up with a massive cue right around the block and was pretty amazing also (as was the pedicab ride there ‘transpertainment’ great word).

While out that night India beer and tequila infused haze we decided to take on a crazy mission for the morning…

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Arriving in Austin and Day 1 AFF


The trip to Austin was obviously long. I was lucky that my flight to LA was mostly empty so I had a row to myself and the stopover in LA felt really short. By the time I arrived in Austin though I was still exhausted. Waking up in Austin to beautiful weather was amazing. Austin, like Auckland, is incredibly spread out so you can’t walk everywhere. Have yet to try the public transport but the taxis are cheaper than Auckland.

It was the day before the festival started so Tim (director of Crackheads) and I knew that we had to start getting out and marketing our film and making a plan for the festival – all while also sorting out the NZ premiere of the film.

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