Restoration – Post Production Edit & Grade


Once the film is shot the journey is far from over. The post production process can be both miraculous and heart breaking. It is an opportunity to reinvent your story, to change things around if necessary and really play with the footage you have. A chance to tweak things and highlight details to give the film nuance. But without the right team guiding you through the process – and making the process work seamlessly – post production can be a nightmare that a number of filmmakers get trapped in.

Luckily on Restoration we had an amazing Post Production team led by our incredible editor Edward Sampson. In this post we hear a bit about the editorial process alongside one of the critical make-or-break areas, particularly for a film like Restoration, the grade with our colourist Gerard Ward.

A huge thank you also to the team at Digital Post – everyone should do post there if they can it is a wonderful environment.

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