Restoration – The Directors Vision and Performance

Restoration_Francis Painting
Milo Cawthorne as ‘Francis’

At the heart of any great film is a visionary, a champion who leads and guides every aspect to become a cohesive whole. For Restoration that was Tim Tsiklauri. Tim combines a collaborative spirit with a clear vision, taking on the ideas that work but still ensuring that the film has a clear focus.

Of course also critical to a films success are solid performance from the cast. We were incredibly lucky in Restoration to have stellar performances from our cast Milo Cawthorne and Alistair Browning. In this post we hear from Tim about his vision from the film, as well as his approach to the performance and also from Milo on his thoughts about the film.

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Restoration – A Writer’s Process

Tim & Luke
Luke & Tim on set of Restoration.

When making Restoration the script was our greatest asset. Not only did it inspire Short and Sharp to shortlist us for financing, but it helped us to hook our incredibly talented cast and crew. I believe this comes down to how well crafted the script was, not just in relaying the story but by painting such a vivid (and a times chilling) picture for the reader. Below I have Tim and Luke break down how they collaborated to create the blueprint for the film.

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